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Why Choose Virtual Assista's Agents?

Administrative Assistance

There are a ton of small but complex administrative tasks that might take a lot of your time. No need to invest your precious time in those daily tasks. Our 007 agents can take care of them. Tasks like e-commerce management, transcription, data management, itinerary planning, and a lot more. Let us take that burden so you can focus on your long-term goals.

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Customer Service

Establishing and maintaining a good customer relationship is extremely vital to keep a business up and running. It undoubtedly is very time-consuming and requires a good and talented team of customer support representatives. Our trained and rigorous 007 agents will ensure your customers are being heard and will ensure a good customer relationship.

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Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors. They save lives and we show them our undying gratitude. However, there are a few tasks that might be time-consuming yet important that our agents can help you with so the experts can focus on saving lives – our agents can help you with patient management, bookkeeping & financial management, telemedicine, general admin support, and other tasks.

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Real Estate Services

Real Estate and Property Management can be a little tricky. it requires a lot of time and focus. Our experienced and trained agents will ensure to keep tabs on your daily tasks like agent and broker management, telemarketing, managing online listings, sending rent reminders, and a lot more. We can help make the real estate business easy for you!

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Social Media Management

In today's world, a business that has no social media presence is considered to be lost. Our social media experts will help your business grow and nurture, create a robust social media presence and give your business the boost it needs. Our 007 agents will help you create your social media footprints, email campaigns, R&D, and creating marketing and sales material for your convenience.

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Web Design & Development

Our virtual agents have the expertise from designing to developing your websites. We can help you create an eye-catching and user-friendly interface for your website that would be suitable for your nature of business. You can also avail our proficient designing skills for logos, business cards, web graphics, banners, website mock-ups, and a lot more.

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IT Support

With today's technological advancement, businesses are highly dependent on information technology. Our IT expert agents can help you ensure proper maintenance of your IT systems preventing any kinds of mishaps like software misbehavior, browser issues, file management, mac backup app to a network server, plugin support, and other IT-related issues.

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Why Opt for Us?

Why You will Give Us Priority

Top Customer Service

We offer top customer service that would ensure client satisfaction and would prominently demonstrate business success.

Helping You Is Our Passion

Helping our clients is not just our job. It's our passion. We love to assist our clients and witness them grow and succeed. It makes us happy.

Highly Personalized

We tend to cater to your needs and requirements specifically. We offer personalized services to all our clients to ensure business success.

Quick Response Team

Our clients are extremely important to us. Responding to our client's issues or queries is our top priority offering a quick response team for queries at any time of the day.

Wide Range of Services

We provide competent and experienced virtual assistants for several sectors including IT services, social media management, real estate and others. Our wide range of services makes us stand out of the crowd.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A long queue is unacceptable for the customers. Making your customers wait because your staff is stretched too thin can impact in a negative impression. Our competent virtual assistants will ensure to cater all queries and complaints of your customers.

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